Do you know where your coffee beans come from?


Most of the green coffee is wet-processed often at communal washing stations used by numerous coffee farmers.

Once collected, the beans are taken to washing stations, where they are sorted by hand, pulped, fermented, and graded. They are then dried in the sun on raised screens before finally being taken for milling.

About 95% of beans are the high-quality Arabica varietal Bourbon, with a silky creamy body and hints of lemon and orange blossom, and caramel in the aftertaste.

Coffee beans are roasted in order to develop their flavor. The roasting process begins with green coffee beans, which are heated until they reach an internal temperature of about 210 degrees Celsius. The roasting process transforms the sugar and cellulose of the bean into aromatic compounds that contribute to the flavor of the coffee. As the beans roast, they change color from green to yellow, to light brown, to dark brown.

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